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Evidence-based Compliance
The increasing demands of regulatory compliance combined with manual processes and paper forms produce ever-inflating operating overhead and restrict the productivity and efficiency of production and field operations. Our tools integrate seamlessly with existing systems to automatically capture and produce regulatory compliance information while improving operational performance, and reducing costs.

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We help clients:
1. Translate Federal Code into policy and procedure.
2. Reduce the operational burden of compliance.
3. Decrease operating costs while improving performance.

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Our clients engage us in these areas:

Field Operations Assessment and Process Analysis


Value-add professional services are provided to assess the current business operations and processes using industry best practices for the purpose of analyzing current methodologies and to provide new solutions based on observations of current needs. Services also are provided to analyze current software, technology, databases and networks to formulate and create baseline for adapting to collaboration tools.


The benefits of our approach are:

      [An example of payback for improvements is usually less than six months]

      1.   Mistakes eliminated

      2.   Variable costs reduced, and processing speed improved

      3.   Proof of Compliance


Standards and Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Increased Federal, State and Local regulations and operational standards demand that an operations capabilities and integrity be optimized when meeting jurisdictional compliance.


The work shall include providing services related to assisting the Company in implementing compliance requirements, and other elements of streamlining field operations.


The goal of this work is to assist with the development, implementation, management, and continual improvement of processes and procedures in field operations for jurisdictional compliance. 


Integrity From Operational Optimization
McClure Management Consultants, LLC offers a comprehensive approach to optimizing field operations by providing low-cost automation for managing day-to-day tasks. Reduce the burden of compliance, enhance the integrity of operations while lowering costs.
Our tools integrate seamlessly into existing field operations to automatically capture and provide regulatory standards and regulatory compliance information while improving performance.

Economic value is enhanced when managers make decisions based on analytics across disparate systems/business units/operations.
Currently, systems of record are robust data repositories that hold “required” information for business units served, but most are not designed to collaborate easily with other repositories.
The result: Islands of standalone data that meet the requirements of reporting but fall short of providing real business intelligence.
McClure Management Consultants provide process improvements and workforce intelligence that helps predict where defects may occur that result in probable violations, and help you gain control over key drivers affecting performance and ultimately cost and risk.

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