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The Integrated Approach

Organizations cannot consistently achieve high performance in the 21st century unless they have well-designed and well-implemented performance measurement and business management systems. 

Economic value is enhanced when managers make decisions based on analytics across disparate systems/business units/operations.

Currently, systems of record are robust data repositories that hold “required” information for business units served, but most are not designed to collaborate easily with other repositories. 
The result: Islands of standalone data that meet the requirements of reporting but fall short of providing real business intelligence.
McClure Management Consultants provide collaborative systems intelligence that helps predict where defects may occur that result in probable violations, and help you gain control over key drivers affecting performance and ultimately cost.
With collaborative systems intelligence:
Field assets are geo-tagged with data for retrieval and visualization of associated risk
Operating and Maintenance expenses are controlled and systematically reduced
Key performance measures across disparate systems are reported automatically
Business units are transitioned away from paper records and reports
Work completion is simplified
Our services integrate your existing systems of record seamlessly to automatically produce integrity and safety metrics, while improving operational performance, and reducing costs. We do this with no capital expense or burden on your I.T. resources. We require no licenses or maintenance fees.
To explore how to improve the economic value of your Business Unit through collaborative systems intelligence, contact us for a demonstration.

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