McClure Management Consultants

Who We Are

McClure Management Consultants help our clients ensure consumer safety and reduce the burden of evidence-based compliance.

According to PHMSA the top three issues causing serious incidents are:
1. Third Party Damage (Excavators)
2. Corrosion
3. Incorrect Operations

We are committed to help our clients take the steps that ensure consumer safety while reducing the operational burden of regulatory compliance.
McClure Management Consultants, LLC offers a comprehensive approach to optimizing field operations for our clients and to achieve their mission of asset integrity.

What we do -

We provide management consulting services for integrity management and operations in the following areas:

Natural Gas pipeline owners who also operate their own assets are forced to manage low-performing and low-risk assets to the same standard as high-performance, and high-risk assets (high performing = profitable, and high risk = high jurisdictional compliance risk).

Jurisdictional and Standards Compliance -

Typically, the 80/20 rule applies: where 20% of the assets are more profitable than the remainder. The amount of time spent managing all of the assets in the field is the same which can reduce profitability and increase compliance risk.

Our experts drive the correct policies, procedures, knowledge and actions to deliver world-class asset management. We manage people, processes and practices used industry-wide to create world class performance.

  • Gap analysis for current policy and procedures

  • Data from routine work for integration and migration

  • Performance measures

  • Reduced audit preparation

 Field Operations Assessment and Process Analysis  -- Methods and Capabilities

  • Operational assessment – Understanding key drivers affecting performance and cost

  • Process analysis – Recognizing performance problems and their financial impact

  • Determining the right balance of people, process and technology

 Results and Return

  • No Capital Budget Expense (We usually operate as an O&M budget item)

  • Lower Operating Expense – No up-front fees, lower administrative cost

  • Compliance – Risk of costs associated with probable violations isolated upstream

  • Improved Functionality – Less variation, less work-around, improved morale


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